ARL - Asia League

League Owner: arl_chinoy

Platform: PC

Game: F1 2017

Status: Archived

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There are no future races scheduled for this league.

Attention Pit, Attention Paddock!

10 Round League for amateurs!

All Assists off (except racing line), including manual pit stops, Formation Lap, Full flags and safety car on, weather will be set to Dynamic and corner cutting on Regular. all events start at 4PM GMT with Short Practice and Qualifying, race distance will be 50%, Reduced Damage and tyre wear on.

Car performance will be set to equal.

Need a few members to help setup the lobbies.

Please note if any driver misses two races without letting us know they will be removed from the league to allow others to join.

Race recordings are advised in case of any enquiries.
Standard FIA Race Regulations.
Driver Wins Points
1 arl_chinoy
0 0

Note:All times are intended for Europe/London

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