F1 Fuze Championship League

League Owner: Zarra1038

Platform: PC

Game: F1 2017

Status: Archived

Next Race

There are no future races scheduled for this league.

Attention Pit, Attention Paddock!

All assist are on(dont need to use assist)
Race distance:50%
Qualifying:short qualifying
Safety car:on
Manual starts:on
Manual pit stops:on
Tracks:Official F1 calendar
Corner cutting rules:strict

Tell me what difficulty did you use in f1 2016 or you just bought the game.

We start Pre-season testing on Friday 15th of September and we start racing on the 16th of September.

Need to download discord to chat whit us and tell us if you can't race.

Discord download link:https://discordapp.com
Our discord group link:https://discord.gg/dsK6n2d
My steam account(if you want to ask me questions):http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198358658082/

We want clean racing respect other drivers and be nice to people.

Race starts every Saturday 6PM(UK time).If people don't like the day or the time we can change it so everyone can race.
If we get more people in the league we can start racing 2 times a week.

If you want to ask something just add me on steam and I'll happily answer your questions. :)
Add me and tell me which car you want to race in.

Driver Wins Points
1 Zarra1038
0 0

Note:All times are intended for Europe/London

Round/Location Date/Time Winner
Round 1
Sat 16 Sep 18:00 -
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