[F1 2018] bwoah Online Racing League

League Owner: sinatra

Platform: PC

Game: F1 2017

Status: Archived

Next Race

There are no future races scheduled for this league.

Attention Pit, Attention Paddock!

Any skill level is welcome
Clean racing is expected or you will be removed
Add my steam, sinatra, for more info and I will invite you to the discord if you want to join

Currently half full 14/20

Braking assist = off
ABS = allowed
TC = medium
Racing line = corners only
gearbox = any
Pit assists = off
ERS = any

short qualifying
50% race
dynamic weather

We are intending to start next Friday
Driver Wins Points
1 sinatra
0 0
2 JAM_r123
0 0

Note:All times are intended for Europe/London

Round/Location Date/Time Winner
Team Points