Slipstreamers F1 2017 Season 1 League

League Owner: Senna_forever

Platform: PC

Game: F1 2017

Status: Archived

Next Race

There are no future races scheduled for this league.

Attention Pit, Attention Paddock!

All Assists off, including manual pit stops, Formation Lap, Full flags and safety car on, weather will be set to Dynamic. all events start at 7pm GMT with Short Practice and Qualifying, race distance will be 50%, Reduced Damage and tyre wear on. Car performance will be set to equal.

Testing for league will begin in the 1st month before the league starts on the 1st October . Please only Join if you can commit to every or most races every Sunday at 19:00hrs GMT, there will be a 3 week break between Christmas and New year :)

Please note if any driver misses two races without letting us know they will be removed from the league to allow others to join...

Also can players have there steam names set to what they joined up as on Race leagues so I can invite you to the lobbies :)

Cheers all :) Please Add me on Steam Senna_forever...

Team Points
1 Sauber F1 C36 50
2 Williams Martini Racing FW40 30
3 Mclaren Honda MCL32 22
4 Hass VF-17 18
5 Toro Rosso STR 12 18
6 Force India VJM10 12
7 Scuderia Ferrari SF70H 6

The PitBoard

If i can :D
Ill be join the races from round 5 onwards..
No probs mate
Sorry about last sunday was stuck in traffic. The next 2 races iam not going to make. Iam on holiday in Denmark, so if there is a reserve racer he can take my seat for the next 2 races.
League suspended until we have a full grid, you will be updated via steam
I will also kick no shows and create space for ppl who can join
With 1.9 now out we will resume the championship.. with china having being a bug fest we will move straight to round 3 unless people wish to re run china.
yeah good race all. good mix of drivers :)
very good race all lets hope we have more than 10 next time!
no worries Wesley
Please move me to the reserves for the first,due to unforseen private reasons i cant take part this evening
posabacki please add me on steam
All reserves be ready please.. if you race the other driver that has not shown gets put into reserves!
looking forward to this...
I know its a oain but can all drivers set there steam name to whats on here please to make it more easy to invite... cheers :)
grats Clubby u got a merc :)
Will so Senna!
can ClubbyMcWankfist add me on steam please :)
iam free now u cunts :P