Slipstreamers Revival League

League Owner: F1Dave

Platform: PC

Game: Automobilista

Status: Archived

Next Race

There are no future races scheduled for this league.

Attention Pit, Attention Paddock!

League Forum -
Timezone GMT +1
Car F3 309 Version!!,
Fuel Usage - Normal make sure you take required fuel for whole race!
Server will open 1 hour before race -" Slipstreamers Revival "
45mins Practice - 6pm
15 mins Qualy - 6:45pm
7pm 20 lap races 7:00pm

Settings to be tailored for 1 pit stop races tho you may take more if you wish,
Pit Stops are not mandatory, if you can make them last you may go the distance
Setup Sharing is encouraged,
Track links -
Lets have fun more than anything else :)

Simetrjie - Luminis Engineering
F1Dave - Cesare F3
Rocket - Cesare F3
Pinson - BR Motorsports
MaestroSmeri -BR Motorsports
ForzaRory - Tibex
Shadenapian - Granado Racing
EasternFrostBite - Poweron Racing
Hintboyright - V-Room
Cicinho - HighSport Racing
CM_Batman -HighSport Racing
SennaForever - Prop Racing
PenguinJaimy - Formula sport
gilao425 - Tibex

Note:All times are intended for Europe/London

Round/Location Date/Time Winner
Round 1
Sun 16 Jul 19:00 F1Dave
Round 2
Red Bull Ring- Austria
Sun 30 Jul 19:00 F1Dave
Round 3
Barcelona - Spain
Sun 13 Aug 19:00 MaestroSmeri
Round 4
Melbourne - Australia
Sun 27 Aug 19:00 MaestroSmeri
Round 5
Monza - Italy
Sun 10 Sep 19:00 -
Round 6
Sun 24 Sep 19:00 -
Team Points
1 Cesare F3 119
2 BR Motorsports 93
3 HighSport Racing 66
4 Luminis Engineering 32
5 Prop Racing 26
6 V-Room 20
7 Poweron Racing 8
8 Black Mclaren-ish Skin 0
9 Granado Racing 0
10 Formula Sport 0
11 Tibex 0

The PitBoard

Thank you all for taking part, and i hope to race with you in the future again, thanks all.....Dave
I had a busy week and then got a little distracted with Codies, will be doing practice tomorrow, but will be running near default setup i'd imagine.
Ready for Melbourne?!
yes me too, looking forward to that.
After this league guys i will be moving to the cosies league ran by senna, hope to see some of you over there
thanks maestro :)
Nice design! Great work!
thanks for the nice comments Batman. It is a good step forward and more great features to be added in future. :)
Great revolution for the site, i like this new structure!
fastest sector 2, wahoo! pinson you matched me in sector 1 qualy.
I never expected such a result given all the problems with tires that I had during testing
Nice win Danilo. Congrats
Congrats Danilo!!!
Dominant win Danilo well done
make sure spain is update of RD
getting a mismatch for spain_crg or something now
Sorry guys need to update our server , will do it later