Americas F1 Racing League

League Owner: VirusQc

Platform: PC

Game: F1 2017

Status: Archived

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There are no future races scheduled for this league.

Attention Pit, Attention Paddock!

The Americas Racing League is now recruiting!

As you have probably figured out, this league is aimed at players in the Americas (who have a decent Internet connection, please).

Here's the basic information that I can give for those who are considering joining. A lot of it will be clarified and confirmed once the game releases and we start knowing more about the online side of it.

Qualifying - Short
Race - 50%
Weather - Random
Formation Lap - On
Traction Control - Off
ABS - Allowed
Teams and Cars - First come, first served
Calendar - F1 2017 Season
Damage - Full
Corner Cutting - Normal

Incidents will be investigated ONLY with video evidence, otherwise no investigation can take place. Keep in mind that accidents do happen in racing and try not to channel your inner Seb Vettel every time something happens to you.

The priority is to have clean and fair drivers. No moving under braking, no cutting people off, no weaving on the straights and absolutely no ramming into someone. If you're not used to driving without ABS, I would recommend practicing it a bit on your own to avoid any "Grosjean at Spa 2012 scenarios"

Tentative schedule at the moment will be either evenings during the week or over the weekend. Once I have gauged interested and have a few prospective participants, we can figure out what works best for everyone.

If you're interested in a proper racing league, add me or comment below with any questions you may have, or come have a chat on Discord at
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1 VirusQc
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Note:All times are intended for America/New_York

Round/Location Date/Time Winner
Round 1
Australian GP
Sat 9 Sep 14:00 -
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